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Benghazi Brief

The White House and Rep. Mike Rogers’ House Intelligence Committee don’t believe that you can handle the truth about Benghazi.

Sundance at The Conservative Treehouse does.  His Benghazi Brief contains over two years of research with hundreds of very specific citations to support the evidence. The Brief has also been challenged and, with extensive vetting, factually withstood all scrutiny.  The report, while exhaustive in detail, remains the strongest summary of events surrounding the two years leading up to the Benghazi Libya attack on 9/11/12.

The Brief has been embedded in an audio Power Point presentation so that it can be communicated to the broadest possible audience of American citizen who desperately need to understand the Truth.

P.S., DON’T MISS! The Betrayal Papers, a fact-based look at Obama’s treasonous actions.
At the heart of the Benghazi scandal is Obama’s relationship with the Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaeda, and other Islamic terrorist organizations. This topic is documented and exposed in  The Betrayal Papers series.