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USA Transnational Report – January 14, 2017 – Cabinet Hearings, CNN – “You are Fake News!,” Hungary Targets Soros


Sessions, Tillerson, Pompeo, Mattis testify before Senate
Trump to CNN: “You are fake news!”
LIVE Saturday (1/14) 8 AM EST

Trump’s future cabinet is cruising through Senate confirmation. And with the world in the state that it is, not a moment too soon.

Terrorism once again strikes Israel in the form of a truck attack. Sound familiar? Of course, the widow of the terrorist is already collecting a pension courtesy of the Palestinian Authority. Yet these people allegedly want peace? In Hungary, the Orban government takes the dramatic step of targeting George Soros’s network of NGOs. Good for them – Trump should follow suit. In France, populist Marine Le Pen promises repatriation of the French car industry, taking a cue from Trump’s (pre-office!) recent successes. Finally, China – continuing their provocations – deploys a sixth reconnaissance ship in the South China Sea.

With so much bubbling in the cauldron of world affairs, the new American administration can’t come soon enough!

Join us Saturday as we discuss these topics and more….
Topics of Discussion:

  • Trump’s nominees testify before the Senate
  • Biden gets his very own medal
  • First steps in repealing Obamacare
  • Hungary targets George Soros
  • Widow of Jerusalem truck terrorist gets Palestinian Authority pension
  • China deploys sixth reconnaissance ship South China Sea

& more . . .

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  • Roger Dodger January 15, 2017, 4:23 pm

    I can hardly WAIT for this transition to occur…BEGONE, Barry Soetoro….

    🚨If the left’s lips are moving, they are apparently lying or deluded. The same applies to their enablers, supporters, Fake Newsers, and advocates.

    Don’t buy their CDs or the products they hawk on TV, don’t go to their inane movies, don’t visit their stupid sites, don’t listen to them on the radio.

    Don’t watch them on their Fake News TV, don’t buy tickets to see them do ANYthing, and especially don’t watch or attend their dumb, leftist-activist “shows.”

    If they are among the low-life, opportunist, oily, lying, Shmuck Schemer political type, or the power-mad, lying “You can Keep Your Doctor,” world-ruler type, then they are apparently leftist, Islamist, Open-Borders, One-World, would-be enslavers OF YOUR BODY AND MIND.

    Don’t believe any lying word they say, defund them, block their plots, “find them, fix them in place, isolate them, and ridicule them.” (To paraphrase their own leader, Saul Alinksky)

    Think: would you wipe them out financially, or have them praising Trump in about 6 weeks? 👍🏼
    Will you pass these ideas onward and forward to your mailing lists? It’s your Move, isn’t it?

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