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Special Interview with Wallace Bruschweiler – Orlando Shooting and the FBI, G4S & much more…


Our very own Wallace Bruschweiler was interviewed by Aileen Milton of The Villages Tea Party earlier this week.

Wallace Bruschweiler is a quadri-linguist and subject matter expert on counter terrorism and national security issues.  He has over 30 years experience operating in Europe, Middle East, and North Africa.

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  • anon June 17, 2016, 1:45 pm

    Many thanks to both Aileen and Wallace for this informative interview. Early in the discussion, Wallace’s statement suggests the current administration has resurrected, albeit modified/strengthened, the Gorelick wall which prevented our national security apparatus from interrupting the 9/11 terror attack:

    ff:0:03:43 “I think that here we have to talk about what is exactly “legally” permissible and within range of the FBI. The FBI cannot share results of interviews they do with anybody, even local law enforcement and especially not with the employer, regardless of who that employer is. This is due to the barriers which have been established by the Dept. of Justice back in 2012. There’s a whole manual, which has to be sanitized, cleaned up, and all reference to muslims, terrorism related to muslims had to be eliminated. If people are interested, the document I am referring to is called”…. (interrupted by Aileen)… “yes, yes, the famous “The FBI’s Guiding Principles Touchstone Document on Training 2012”

    Interesting title, that…”Touchstone”….given the concentration on sanitizing any terror or negative implication towards Islam…don’t you think? This ties in nicely with Stephen Coughlin’s analysis in “Catastrophic Failure” and his Stephen Couglin “Red Pill Briefs (all ten videos)

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