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Global Terrorism: Behind the Scenes of Combating Terrorism Pre-9/11

patrice lumumba univ

Global Terrorism: Behind the Scenes of Combating Terrorism Pre-9/11 – Presented at the Gus A. Stavros Center

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Summary by slide

1. Global Terrorism Behind the Scenes of Combating Terrorism Pre-9/11 Tuesday, March 20, 2007 6:00 – 8:00 p.m. USF Stavros Center – Tampa Campus Doyle Theater Wallace S. Bruschweiler, Sr. President, Data Security Holding, Inc.
2. People’s Friendship University Lumumba, Moscow USSR Where it all began…
3. Hyperion’s ramifications
4. Iraq & Iran links
5. How could “terrorism” be best defined?  “…Barbarism that Threatens the Very Foundations of Civilized Life…” George P. Shultz Former U.S. Secretary of State  “Saints, Soldiers, Pirates, Guerrillas and Assassins, all gave up their lives for their causes, but they did so as the LAST Resort. Modern Terrorists often use their Willingness to Die as their FIRST Resort.” Varindra Tarzie Vittachi Newsweek
6. Graffiti in France
7. Main European Terrorist Logos
8. We Should All Remember  Terrorism Flourishes usually in Geo-Political Areas Where a Certain Power Vacuum exists  Terrorism Occasionally Breeds Strange “Bed-Fellows”: • Drugs, Arms, Prostitution & Organized Crime  Terrorism has no National/Continental Boundary Restraints
9. License Plates: U.S. Forces – Germany
10. License Plates: U.S. Forces – Italy
11. Operation: Vedettes de Cherbourg Night of December 24, 1969  Israel signs a contract for 12 speedboats missile launchers  5 were delivered to Israel before Gen. de Gaule imposed a weapon embargo  Israel “creates” a Norwegian company: Starboat and Oil Drilling Company (SODC)  SODC asks France and Israel if they can obtain remaining speedboats without weaponry, in order to perform oil drilling research in the North Sea  France and Israel accept. Israel went as far as supplying the necessary crews  Dec. 24 – the speedboats leave Cherbourg  Jan. 1st 1970 – speedboats arrive in Haifa, Israel
12. Operation “Rooster-53” Raas-Arab Beach – December 26-27, 1969 P-12 Soviet Radar Station Estimated at 7 tons Sikorsky Ch-53 Yasur Raid used captured Soviet tanks and personnel carriers captured during 1967 (The Six Day War)
13. Black September June 1971 Jordan •Attempt to overthrow King Hussein of Jordan •Order was given to the Arab Legion to expel all Palestinians to Lebanon & Syria •15,000 Palestinians were killed in the process, i.e. Hussein killed more Palestinians than Israel in all its wars with the Arabs •Some Palestinian decided to surrender to IDF to save their lives •Palestinian fighters who decided to go to Lebanon had to pay $100 for safe passage to certain warlords
14. Oberdan Sallustro March 21, 1972 Buenos Aires, Argentina  Director General of FIAT Concord  Kidnapped by Ejercito Revolucionario del Rueblo (ERP)  Killed on April 10, 1972  Was the start of “Crisis Management Team” approach world-wide • Motorola became a forerunner
15. Munich Massacre September 5-6, 1972
16. Munich Olympic Games 1972 Israeli Athletes Killed
17. H.E. Hilarion Capucci “The Muslim Arafat” 1974 – Smuggled weapons for PLO from Lebanon to Israel Arrested, jailed, released under pressure of Pope Paul VI Capucci’s brother-in-arms Anglican priest, Elias Khoury, drove 2 terrorists to plant bombs in Jerusalem
18. Operation: Entebbe July 3-4, 1976
19. Entebbe: IAF Planes Used
20. Entebbe: “Idi Amin’s Car”
21. Operation “Thunderbolt” AF Flight 139 Operation Yonatan
22. Hanns-Martin Schleyer Kidnapping: September 5, 1977
23. Lufthansa Flight 181 Mogadishu October 13-17, 1977 Baader, Ensslin & Raspe (RAF) upon hearing successful outcome committed suicide at Stammheim Prison
24. Description of “Things to Come” February 1978
25. Aldo Moro Kidnapping March 16, 1978
26. Bundeskriminalamt BKA / TE – PIOS Personen People Informationen Information Objekte Object, Target Sachen Things (general)
27. Ayatollah Khomeini Return to Teheran, Iran : February 2, 1979 Air France flight from Paris After more than 15 years in exile
28. Operation Sphinx La Seyne-sur-Mer, Toulon, France April 6, 1979 3 am • 2 Reactor cores, awaiting shipment to Iraq • Mossad smuggled 7 operatives who placed 5 explosive charges on the cores and detonated them • Damaging both cores and setting back Iraq’s program
29. Gen. Alexander Haig Mons, Belgium Attack: June 25, 1979 • Landmine blew up under bridge on which Haig’s motorcade was traveling • Missing Haig’s car, but wounding 3 of his body guards • Attack was carried out by RAF (Red Army Faction)
30. Tehran – U.S. Embassy Hostage Taking: November 4, 1979
31. Tehran – U.S. Embassy Hostage Taking: November 4, 1979 Is it a Coincide nce ? Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Today ?
32. Ortona: Strella Missiles November 7, 1979
33. Italian-Palestinian Connection
34. Libyan Arms to IRA 1980s • 9mm Browning, Taurus, Glock and Beretta handguns, •AK-47 Kalashnikov Assault Rifles, •MP5 SMGs, •Rocket Propelled Grenades (RPGs), •Soviet made DShK HMGs, •American made M60 machine guns , •U.S. Military Flamethrowers, •Semtex plastic explosive and, •SA-7 & Stinger shoulderheld SAMs. Intercepted by joint-operation (French Services & MI5 and MI6) Other 3 or 4 similar shipments were “successfully delivered”
35. Anwar Sadat – Assassination Cairo: October 6, 1981 Abd al-Rahman Muslim Brotherhood 1993 World Trade Center Bombing 1996 Sentenced to life in Moshe Dayan & Anwar Sadat prison
36. General James L. Dozier Kidnapping: December 17, 1981 NATO HQ – Verona, Italy
37. Gen. Carlo Alberto della Chiesa Head of Italian Anti-Terrorism Assassinated September 3, 1982 Palermo, Sicily
38. Beirut – U.S. Marines Barracks Attack: October 23, 1983 241 Americans Killed Nabib Berri Ayatollah Fadlallah
39. Hostage Jean-Paul Kaufmann Taken: May 22, 1985 (Beirut) Released: May 4, 1988 (Beirut) After “successful negotiations” (ransom paid) Jean-Charles Marchiani Charles Pasqua ex – DGSE Charge de Mission Interior Minister “Oil-for-Food Scandal”
40. TWA Flight 847 Athens-Rome Hijacking: June 14, 1985 Nabil Berri – Amal U.S. Navy Diver Killed Robert Stethem
41. ALPHA Group aka “Spetsgrouppa A” September 20, 1985 Beirut, Lebanon Ayatollah Fadlallah 4 USSR diplomats taken hostage 10/2/85: Arkadi Katlov killed ALPHA members arrive & identify hostage takers: Hezbollah. Decide to use local gangs promising US$1 million for the safe return Local group decides to take family members of Fadlallah & severe body parts Since then no USSR personnel taken hostage
42. Operation Wooden Leg October 1, 1985 Hammamamet, Tunisia 9/25/1985- 3 Israeli civilians killed on yacht in Larnaca, Cyprus Force 17 claimed the killings Israel cabinet ordered immediate retaliation One Force 17 killer was a U.K. citizen (Ian Davidson) Strike by IAF carried out by 10 F-15 Eagles on 10/1/1985 at 7 a.m. – was longest mission ever Since target was 1280 miles away planes were required to be refueled by Boeing 707 in mid-flight IAF planes dropped precision-guided bombs 16 PLO members killed including some Force 17
43. Achille Lauro “Incident” October 7, 1985
44. Leon Klinghoffer’s Execution On Board Achille Lauro October 9-10, 1985
45. Sigonella “Incident” October 12, 1985
46. Pan Am Flight 103 Lockerbie: December 21, 1988 Col. Muammar al-Gaddafi Ahmed Jibril
47. News Media Complaints Arabic: Abu Nidal Real Name: Sabri l-Banna
48.  Arabic say: “first comes Saturday, then comes Sunday…” • Any Arab will know what you are talking about • …first you kill the Jews • …then the Christians  U.S.A. = Great Satan  Israel = Small Satan  Hitler wrote “Mein Kampf” (My Fight)  Muslim Fundamentalists have “Jihad” (My Struggle)
49. Future Potential Attack Worst Case Scenario Electromagnetic Pulse

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